TensorFlow Workshop for SF Python Meetup Group

After learning a bit more about Machine Learning through Andrew Ng's Stanford course on Coursera and Jose Portilla's TensorFlow course on Udemy, I wanted to share my knowledge with others. I would like to point out that I took Andrew's first ML course, which he uses Octave. As of this writing, his more current course is taught with usage of TensorFlow. For those who are unfamiliar with TensorFlow, it's Google's package that allows the ease of creating neural networks in Python. Having only spent a few months learning about ML and Deep Learning, I'm clearly not an expert by any means. That said, I did want to show and hopefully get more people into the field of Data Science. This is outside the professional level of security, but what's beautiful about Data Science, is the ability to be able to find insight in large datasets, regardless of the discipline. In the world of malware, one can use ML for classifications of different types of malware, and even to learn ways to subvert and hide from AV. 

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