Interlogica Interview @ SHA2017

While at SHA2017, I was interviewed by Interlogica, a company that supports companies in their digital transformation and growth by simplifying their processes with intuitive software. The interview consisted on my experience in security and how I got to where I am today. =]

My first exposure to Information Security was at City College of San Francisco by Sam Bowne. He showed me that the mindset of finding vulnerabilities and holes in systems, whether they be computers or social systems, is not inherently wrong or immoral. The morality comes from the intent of the action, not solely on the action itself. Now taking what I have learned, I started to define 'hacking' as 'taking something, and readjusting or changing its purpose for something else.' I was very satisfied with my definition and loved explaining it to people. All was well, until I met a friend from Holland, who opened up his home to me so I may stay there for a few days. When explaining hacking, he shared with me some details about his previous relationship. In dismay, then proceed to say, "my ex hacked my life." It was at this moment, I realized that my definition could be used to explain a malicious action DONE to another person. I don't like the feeling that hacking could, even by definition mean something malicious. It was time for me to change my definition of hacking. Now, hacking to me, is taking somethings that had an original purpose, and making it better for all parties. If you hack something, and it's outside the bounds of this definition, then you aren't hacking. You're doing something malicious.

Chris Magistrado