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44con - London, United Kingdom


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This was my first time in London, and I can definitely say, my entire experience here has been amazing. Coming directly from r2con, my mind was geared and ready for some more hands on Reverse Engineering. This event had many great speakers and trainings, including but definitely not limited to, Lars Haukli's Hypervisor-Assisted Ring0 Debugging with radare2, Olivier Bilodeau's Lessons Learned Hunting IoT Malware and Marc Newlin & Matt Knight - So You Want to Hack Radios. I was lucky enough to attend Saumil Shah & Azeria's ARM Assembly and Shellcode Basics where we got to learn more about ARM architecture, RE some binaries, insert our own shellcode, and execute a shell. It was a lot fun. =]


Details about the talks, the schedule, and the brochure.

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